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This Is Our Mission

To provide a platform for Apostolic businesses to prosper and succeed.

Business Development

The Chamber is a robust business development platform.  Given the choice we believe that businesses, churches and individuals would rather do business with people who believe what they believe. 

Unfortunately, there has not been a way to search likeminded businesses out.  The Chamber’s online business directory, advertising and networking opportunities offer members historically unseen growth potential! 

Legal Defense

The World is becoming more hostile to Apostolic values.  This will impact believers operating in the public space!  Jack Phillips found that out the hard way in 2012 when the State of Colorado accused him of violating the anti-discrimination law when he declined to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.  While the US Supreme Court moved to protect his rights, recently the state has yet again found a reason to drag him back into courts!  Meanwhile, courts in New Mexico and Oregon have chosen not protect Christian business owners. 

But of course, it’s not just Christian businesses, in 2014, Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston TX, subpoenaed sermon notes addressing homosexuality and gender identity from five area pastors to ensure compliance with the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.  While the mayor eventually withdrew the demand, this will happen again!

The Chamber maintains a network of Apostolic attorney’s and a financial war chest ready to defend both Apostolic businesses and UPCI licensed ministers facing persecution for preaching Biblical truths. 


Just as the Bible lays out a blueprint to be a successful spouse, parent and employee it also lays out principles that make successful leaders and entrepreneurs.  From Cain (farmer) and Abel (rancher) to Lydia (wholesaler) the Bible is full of business owners.  As the son of general contractor, it’s entirely possible Jesus himself grew up in the home of an entrepreneur!

The Chamber offers entrepreneurs and leaders tools taken directly from the pages of Scripture that will help them take their organization to the next level!

Young Professionals

ACoC is a place where young professionals can grow their career, expand their network and get involved in a Christ centered community while giving back. The Chamber plans to develop future Apostolic leaders by providing ambitious young professionals with the opportunity to build relationships, serve the Kingdom and engage with civic, business and church leaders.